Antifog Liquid

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Restore the antifog coating to your goggles.

If your goggles have started to fog during your swim, you can use the Swans antifog liquid to restore them.

As with most goggles, the coating on the inside of the lens that prevents fogging can become damaged over time.

Attempts to clean the lens with your finger, spit or your towel will only accelerate the degradation, making your problems even worse.

A few drops of Swans antifog liquid can restore your goggles to like new.

Pocket size, with integrated applicator for ease of use.

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12 Reviews

Kelly Warrington

Excellent product, really solved the issue of fogging with my goggles. Highly recommended!

Andrew Hooper

Very effective

Brenda Webb

These are very good and very effective

Susan Harris

See above



Fergus Maclean

As opposed to other anti-fog preparations this one actually works and continues to work across a whole session or long distance open water event. I’d thoroughly recommend .


So far my goggles have never steamed up yet, even after over an hour swimming. Using the liquid about every third time going swimming.

Greg May

Work well, it's last for 4 swimming sessions then it's starts to reduce in its effectiveness, would buy again


Outstanding product - solved issues immediately


Had my first open water swim and wanted some clear anti Fog goggles, this stuff was great. Crystal clear throughout the whole race! And i won so i cant complain! :-) Thanks Swans!


Absolutely brilliant product. Worth every cent! 3rd stock up of product - been using it for years.

Andy Johnson

This is the best antifog product that I have ever used in over 35 years of swimming and I can't recommend it enough. The antifog properties are replenished (be it shorter term than the original treated lense) and lasts well over 10 days of of swim training.