Goggle Care Guide

Caring for your goggles might not be something you had ever considered before, but by following these few easy steps you can increase the life span of your goggles.

Clean and Dry

After each use, we recommend a thorough rinse in fresh water without using any soaps or cleaners on the goggles.

Taking the time to remove chlorine, salt, sand or any other deposits that are left on your goggles will help preserve their lifespan.
Chlorine and salt effect silicone (the straps and gaskets) by making them go stiff and brittle over time. When straps go stiff and brittle they snap, often without warning and at the most inconvenient times. When gaskets go stiff and brittle they lose their ability to mould to your face like they once did which is why they could suddenly start leaking after time.

Replacement straps and replacement gaskets for all our goggles can be found on the accessories page.

Allow your goggles to drip dry after cleaning. Avoid leaving them outside, as prolonged exposure to UV can damage the silicone.


All too often we hear of goggles being damage whilst in swimmers kit bag. Leaving your goggles loose in your bag can easily lead to scratched lenses, or damaged antifog coatings. More on the antifog below.
We would always recommend storing your goggles either in the box or bag they came in.
If you have misplaced your box or bag, new bags are available here


All Swans goggles come with an anti fog coating on the inside of the lens which will be damaged should you touch the inside with your fingers, or attempt to clean them with a towel. Tricks from days gone by such as spitting in the goggles or rubbing with tooth paste or washing up liquid will often do  more harm than good, and almost always give marginal benefit.

Should your goggles start fogging up over time, it is possible to repair the antifog coating back to its original condition. Swans Antifog solution, which can be found here and can be used to repair Swans goggles, and in some case other brands too.

Swans Antifog Liquid

Step 1 - Once you have cleaned the goggles in fresh water, and removed any deposits such as eyelashes etc apply a few drops of the antifog liquid.

Step 2 - Lightly use your finger to ensure the solution reaches all parts of the lens, including all corners.

Step 3 - Rinse in fresh water. Care should be taken to ensure no antifog liquid comes into contact with your eyes.