How to clean Prescription Swimming Goggles

Knowing how to clean your prescription swimming goggles can really help them last longer and keep you swimming even further. Thankfully Swans prescription goggles are really easy to clean.

We recommend a quick rinse in fresh water after every swim. When you take a shower after swimming is the perfect time to wash your goggles. Just a quick rinse all over to remove any chlorine if you have been swimming in the pool, or any salt if you have been in the sea.

You should avoid using any soaps or detergents as these will quickly damage the antifog coating on the goggles lens. If this happens we recommend using Swans antifog spray to restore the anti fog of your goggles. 

Leave your goggles to air dry, away from direct sunlight, When they are dry, store them in the hard case ready for your next swim.

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