FO2 Clear Blue Prescription Goggles

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Blue Tint Prescription Swimming Goggles for Everyday Fitness, Training & Racing

Swans FO2 prescription goggles are our most popular range. The prescription goggles are suitable for use in the pool, or open water swimming, making them versatile for racing, triathlons or everyday use. The FO2 is identical to our most popular non-prescription goggles, providing uncompromising fit and performance without any additional bulk.

Swans FO2 clear prescription goggles enhance light under water perfect for darker environments.These goggles offer the perfect balance between style and comfort with double gasket padding ideal for longer swims. They also come with a range of nose bridges to suit all face shapes and ages.


  • Swimming goggles with prescription lenses from -1.50 to -8.00.
  • 4 nose bridges sizes to get perfect fit.
  • 100% UV A and UV B protection.
  • Replaceable straps, gaskets and nose bridges for long lasting goggles.
  • Hypoallergenic silicone gaskets.
  • Highest quality light polycarbonate lenses.
  • Anti-fog coating to help eliminate condensation inside the lenses.
  • Includes a free hard storage case to keep your goggles safe and secure.

For a guide on buying prescription swimming goggles and understanding your prescription, click here.

More Information
Lens TypeTinted
Antifog CoatingYes
UV ProtectionYes
Adjustable Nose BridgeYes
Replaceable StrapsYes
Replaceable GasketsYes

4.57 Average

23 Reviews


So good to be able to see in the pool. Lovely goggles, easy to fit and very comfortable to wear.

Graham Buttle

These are my 2nd pair of Swans prescription goggles and they are great! Superb fit, great vision and antifog works well!


Ideal training goggles, quality, comfort and fit.

Michael Fowler

These are my second pair of prescription swimming goggles purchased this year. They give me an excellent field of vision as well as being watertight and very comfortable. I also use an anti-fog solution and this has worked well giving me clear vision in the water.


Great goggles, changed the nose piece to the appropriate size and no leaks, perfect vision. Using them 3-4 weeks in training with masters club, all good and they stay put going off the blocks.

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I keep buying them


Great fit, easy to adjust. Found peripheral vision to be limited so best used in the pool rather than open water.


The only goggles I have tried which keep the water out of my eyes, but keep the VISION in! As I swim, I can watch the clock on the wall to keep time, I can see all the lines on the bottom of the pool, and the goggles rarely get misted up. Perfect fit too! I am thrilled.


Excellent vision and comfortable fit


Very comfortable goggles, easy to adjust, great vision in the water both inside and outside. Highly recommended!


Really pleased with my Goggles. Vision good, don't let any water in, look nice and delivery fast. Highly recommended


Easy to wear, very comfortable. I love the clear view when I'm underwater. The team at HQ were very helpful when I needed assistance on choosing the best lenses for my prescription.


Great buy, really happy with the goggles. Delivery within 24 hours of ordering.

Megan Stafford

Absolutely great. For someone with quite poor vision, these were such a game changer. They’re a bit smaller around the eye than other goggles but I never swim without them.

Edward Wilkins

Very pleased comfortable and water tight


Great pair of goggles which work as required, easily fit on and don't steam up when swimming.


Ordered and delivered within 48 hours. My expectations were quite low but I have been blown away by how clear my vision is. I previously kept away from swimming lengths in the pool because of my poor eyesight but these goggles have made it possible once again. thanks

Prabodh Patel

Good quality, clear vision

Helen Wright

Absolutely love the goggles, it’s so great not to have to worry about contact lenses. It would be five stars for comfort, my only issue is that the seal is not fixed and I hadn’t realised that it had come off before an event and had to swim a mile with no seal. I would also have liked an option of these being available with clear glass for night swimming training for channel relay swim.


Just used these on a beach holiday in Croatia - and wonder why I spent years blundering in and out of the water without my glasses. Swimming with corrected vision was great, goggles are a good fit, comfy, do not leak.


I've been restricted for ages, only using my local pool at certain hours of the day when its empty as without my specs or contact lenses, I can barely see. These googles have changed all of this. I can't believe how well I can see in them (as good as my glasses), no fog either and a really comfy fit. Thought the price was really good too and it was next day delivery. Customer Service was also really quick/helpful with me when I was trying to work out what prescription I needed. Can't recommend highly enough for sight challenged swim-lovers!

This is a mid fit model.

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