SR2 Mirrored

Fina Approved Swimming Goggles

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Our most popular and all round versatile goggle.

The super soft and thick silicone gasket gives great comfort allowing you to train for hours on end.
It's low profile and sleek design will give you that winning edge when racing.
Comes in 8 stunning colours so you can coordinate them with your swimwear/kit/club colours.
2 strap design will keep them secure on your face when diving in.
With 4 different size nose bridges you will be able to get the perfect fit for your face.
Replacement gaskets and straps will help to ensure your goggles last as long as possible.

- Anti fog coating
- UV protection
- FINA Approved
- Soft Silicone
- Extra strong lens

More Information
Lens TypeMirrored
Antifog CoatingYes
UV ProtectionYes
Adjustable Nose BridgeYes
Replaceable StrapsNo
Replaceable GasketsNo

4.93 Average

28 Reviews

Martin Irons-Roberts

Superb goggles. far superior to anything else I've used. The custom nose bridge helps to get a great fit. The seal around the eye piece is really comfortable without creating any pressure around the eyes. Visibility is good as is the styling/mirrored look of the goggle.


Excellent goggles , used by a wide range of swimmers throughout our club


Awesome goggles! These are the best I have used.. I have tried a lot of brands, but for me these are amazing.. pool, open water, racing, training! Plus the customer service at Swans. Dorset is Brill


Very pleased with my SR-2 Mirrored Goggles by Swans. After reading your description in a recent emaiI, I hope to place an order for your SRX (premium anti-fog goggles) after July 4. Thank you.


As club shop organiser for my sons club the SR2M are the most popular model that I take orders for. They are great as a training goggle, but equally as good for competition. The best thing about them is that you can easily get replacement gaskets and straps, so they can potentially last for years.


These are very popular with our club swimmers at a great price. No order too big or too small and next day delivery!


Perfect fit and clear vision in pool or open water. Top quality goggle built to withstand swim after swim.


Perfect fit, with high quality lenses giving great vision in pool or open water. Great product that performs every swim over and over


I have been using these for my open water training and competitions for the past few seasons and I cannot fault them. They have great clarity and the mirrored goggle helps sighting when looking into the sun. I found in the past that larger open water goggles have not fit my face type well and so the more low profile design of the SR2 is perfect for me!


I can honestly say that swans goggles are the best I have ever had. They are comfortable, they do not leak and they do not fog up. I will only buy swans goggles.

Annette Attwell

It's a number of years to find a comfortable fitting pair of goggles and have been using the SR2 for about 15 years. For both training and competing at National and International lifesaving competitions around the world. They always fit well and have had no issues with the quality. There has only been one snapped strap for all the pairs we have owned and no other issues.

Gail Edmans

Great goggles and no panda eyes after swimming. Need to de mist them after a couple of lengths but they’re great.

Katriona Collins


I have purchased more than one pair of these goggles now. My son has an allergic reaction to other goggles gaskets, but these are perfect for him. They also seal well around the eye because they are soft and mould with your eye shape. I wear them too.


Excellent quality goggles , well worth the money

Julia Kemp

The fit is excellent and vision is much clearer than my previous goggles. I should have changed them a long time ago.


I have bought Swans goggles for years now & know they are excellent quality, comfortable, don't fog-up or leak & come in a variety of colours & designs, they also last a long time, even with constant use in both indoor pool & sea water. SR2's are perfect for me. They are excellent value for money & I would highly recommend.


Excellent quality , great price , love the new range of colours


I've started to swim for fitness, around 3x a week and bought a pair of Z**** but they were misting up after about 10 lengths. I bought these and they are good for about 30 lengths before they start to get a bit foggy, so much better. They are comfortable and look great too. Customer service via the online chat was perfect. I would definitely buy these again


My SR2 Mirrored Lens are great, and I appreciate Swans excellent service. Thank you!


I love these goggles so much I'm on my third pair. Easily adjustable, good fit on my face, don't leak.


My son is 10 and has these and the race goggles - he loves them they fit well and are comfortable to train in. He has tried lots of brands - but these are his favorite!


Great fit. Have used them for both training and racing and they have the best fit of any goggles I have used. These are my 2nd pair wouldn't wear anything else.


outstanding service, and am enjoying Swans goggles. Thank you!

Adjustable and easily maintainable, a great pair of goggles to own and to train with. I will be looking forward to using these goggles to train with in the future. Also GREAT! customer service, the online chat was a massive help towards purchasing and following through with the delivery. All and all a great experience with the business and more importantly the product itself.


Bought these for my daughter who's particular how her goggles fit. Can't be any better. They Look fab and the fit for her is amazing. She's just turned 12 and a club swimmer and in the pool 5 days a week. Just bought another pair for racing which was a Christmas present. She even keeps them properly in the box. I'm impressed. She must like them.


These were great for my recent races at the Masters Nationals. They don't flick inwards to your eye on diving in; perfect fit in eye sockets so no panda eyes (yay!) , minimal fogging and no leaking. I got PBs throughout so can't complain! :)


Very comfortable. Recommended

This is a mid fit model.

Swans Goggles Fitting Guide