SR2 Non Mirrored

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Our most popular and all round versatile goggle.

The super soft and thick silicone gasket gives great comfort allowing you to train for hours on end.
It's low profile and sleek design will give you that winning edge when racing.
Ideal for low light conditions in more subtle colours than the mirrored options.
2 strap design will keep them secure on your face when diving in. 
With 4 different size nose bridges you will be able to get the perfect fit for your face.
Replacement gaskets and straps will help to ensure your goggles last as long as possible.

- Anti fog coating
- UV protection
- Soft Silicone
- Extra strong lens

A mirrored version the SR2M, is also available.

More Information
Lens TypeTinted
Antifog CoatingYes
UV ProtectionYes
Adjustable Nose BridgeYes
Replaceable StrapsYes
Replaceable GasketsYes

4.92 Average

12 Reviews


Very nice goggles

Neil Craxford

Great training goggle, very comfy to wear even after a long training session.

Fergus Maclean

Comfortable , easy to adjust and low profile enough to race with


used SR2's for years, keep trying others but these just fit me, the rubber seal is comfy no leaks, bought clear for greater visibility for swimming with marine life..


After 20 years of swimming, Swans are the only goggles I use. A great product for either training or racing.


Bought goggles as a gift. They are apparently performing well and are very comfortable.

Jason Rogers

Great goggles and with the smoke tint perfect for open water and sun reflection. Very comfortable and no leaks.

Jason Rogers

These goggles are the best I have used. Comfy, great seal, don’t fog! Can’t recommend highly enough and I have tried a lot of the different brands! Plus the customer service from Swans, Dorset were brilliant

Thomas Cotter

Great fit. Nose pieces a bonus.


Bought these to replace my other swans goggles that had lasted over 4 years swimming 3 or 4 times a week, they are a wonderful fit, comfortable, don't leak, remain fog free as long as they are rinsed out after each swim...worth every penny.


I have worn these for years. They are the best I've tried and the only ones that keep dry when I dive. Long lasting too.


I specifically wanted Swans because I know they always fit and never leak. I have problems with all other brands but Swans fit first time. The goggles are long lasting so represent value for money. The delivery was rapid ( only four or five days from UK to NZ) . By comparison, it is taking 14 days to get a Compact Disk from US to NZ Amazon, your delivery system is antiquated!)

This is a mid fit model.

Swans Goggles Fitting Guide