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Fina Approved Swimming Goggles

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FINA Approved Prescription Goggles for Racing and Triathlon.

The SRX Clear Prescription Goggles provide clearer vision in poor light conditions. These FINA approved goggles are ideal for racing, triathlons and galas, both indoor and in open water. As the first prescription goggles manufacturers in the world, Swans understand what you need when you are competing. The SRX Prescription Goggles are identical to our most popular racing goggles, ensuring that you don’t have to compromise style or function.

The SRX Prescription Goggles give you the perfect combination of high performance and comfort and are the ideal solution for short sighted swimmers. The slimline elastomer gasket gives a great fit whilst maintaining the low profile of a racing goggle. They are fitted with the highest quality mirrored polycarbonate lenses, offering 100% protection from UV A and UV B.

The SRX also come with Swans Premium Anti-fog system, proven to be 4 x more durable and 3x more absorbent than regular anti-fog systems, giving you crystal clear vision in the water.


  • FINA approved, ideal for training, triathlons and competitions.
  • Slimline gasket, perfect for competing.
  • Swans Premium Anti-fog. See it action here.
  • Prescription lenses from -2.00 to -7.00.
  • Prescription lenses from -2.00 to -7.00.
  • 100% UV A and UV B protection.
  • 4 nose bridges sizes provided, ensuring the perfect fit.
  • Replaceable straps and nose bridges to make your goggles last as long as possible.
  • Includes a free hard storage case to keep your goggles safe and secure.

For a guide on buying prescription swimming goggles and understanding your prescription, click here.

More Information
Lens TypeClear
Antifog CoatingYes
UV ProtectionYes
Adjustable Nose BridgeYes
Replaceable StrapsYes
Replaceable GasketsNo

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14 Reviews

Guy Jones

I am delighted with my new Swans' SRX clear prescription goggles. They add to the enjoyment of swimming, allowing me to be more aware of my environment and don't fog.



Tony Ferguson

To complement my dark SRX Prescription goggles. These fit out of the box, no leak, no fog, comfortable fit even after long swims. Very relaible prescription goggles which keep performing. The best prescription goggles I have found on the market.

Laura Williams


Very happy with my goggles. One of the few wth the option of different prescriptions left and right. The Goggles themselves are comfortable and efficent. They give a nice, virtually water tight seal. Never fogged up so far. Also very light. They seem to be flimsy, but are actually very well made without the unnecessary fancy bits.


I am really, really pleased with my prescription goggles. I can see clearly when swimming in a pool. I've been wearing specticals since I was 11 years old (I'm 62 now) and this is the first time I've bought prescription goggles. Absolutely no regrets. Looking forward to testing them out in Thailand!

Ioanna Velmahou


So far so good, very expensive prescription goggles, but good quality product.


Never been able to see so much in the pool! Top quality product. Quite a tight fit though, not sure I could wear much longer than my normal hour pool session without getting a bit uncomfortable - this might change as I get more used to them though. Would recommend to others.


Great goggles!

Abhejali Bernardova

These are great prescription goggles - I have used them for my swims across the North Channel, Molokai Channel and Cook Strait. The longest swim was almost 22hours and I never had any problems.


Pros Comfortable Easy ordering and delivery Provide good suction so don't get water in eyes Better quality and cheaper than local optician offered Cons Did not come assembled but the online video is a great help Can't tell which lens is left or right which is really annoying given I have different power


The SRX clear goggles are great. I used them this year when I swam the English Channel. At the time the clear prescriptions weren't on offer in the range. And Dave at Swan had some made up for me. Thanks Dave. Great service. I planned to use the goggles for the 3 hrs of night swimming. But actually wore then for the whole swim. The goggles are just the most comfortable goggles I have found and just a perfect fit for me.

This is a mid fit model.

Swans Goggles Fitting Guide