Swans SRX Prescription Goggles Blue Mirror Ltd Edition

Fina Approved Swimming Goggles

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Limited Edition FINA Approved Prescription Swimming Goggles for Competition

New for September 2019, Limited Edition Smoke Blue!
As the first prescription goggles manufacturers in the world, Swans understand what you need when you are competing. The SRX Prescription Goggles are identical to our most popular racing goggles, ensuring that you don’t have to compromise style or function. These FINA approved mirrored goggles are ideal for racing, triathlons and galas, both indoor and in open water.

Swans SRX mirrored prescription goggles are extremely popular amongst professional and semi-professional swimmers. Available in a yellow or orange tint they provide the ultimate combination of high performance, comfort and style. The slimline elastomer gasket gives a great fit whilst maintaining the low profile of a racing goggle. They are fitted with the highest quality mirrored polycarbonate lenses, offering 100% protection from UV A and UV B.

The SRX also comes with Swans Premium Anti-fog system, proven to be 4 x more durable and 3 x more absorbent than regular anti-fog systems, giving you crystal clear vision in the water.


  • FINA approved, ideal for training, triathlons and competitions.
  • Slimline gasket, perfect for competing.
  • Swans Premium Anti-fog. See it action here.
  • Prescription lenses from -2.00 to -7.00.
  • 100% UV A and UV B protection.
  • 4 nose bridges sizes provided, ensuring the perfect fit.
  • Replaceable straps and nose bridges to make your goggles last as long as possible.
  • Includes a free hard storage case to keep your goggles safe and secure.

For a guide on buying prescription swimming goggles and understanding your prescription, click here.

More Information
Antifog CoatingYes
UV ProtectionYes
Adjustable Nose BridgeYes
Replaceable StrapsYes
Replaceable GasketsNo

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6 Reviews

Phil Scott

I received my swans prescription goggles a couple of weeks ago. At first I was dubious about how comfortable they would be given I had always had larger goggles, as well as whether they would be a good fit and leakproof. Once I got the correct nose bridge fitted, they have been perfect. Extremely comfortable (I forget I have them on), crystal clear vision with great contrast and bone dry throughout swims in often rough seas!! Very visible good quality and will definately buy the brand/model again


The goggles are well centred for the eye correction and do not cause any issue or fatigue. The Antifog works very well for the moment (2 weeks). Despite the smoked outside coating, swimming pool visibility is very good, and also very comfortable with direct sun light coming through the pool glass-wall. I have not tested in OpenWater yet. As to the wear comfort for these competition type goggles, I would judge it as Good for 1-2 hours training sessions. I do not tight the strap too much. This is my second pair so overall, I am very satisfied with the product.

Susan Lattin

The goggles are great. Less padding than another pair that I have, but still comfortable and did not steam up. Didn’t feel as if I was wearing anything - just very clear vision.

Dermot McGahon

The mirrors are stylish. Otherwise, these seem to be just the same shape and bands as the other versions.

sarah hyde

As above

paula rutherford

Gives my daughter the vision that she needs when swimming. Great fit, great comfort - she loves them