by Jessica Thorpe

Swans and World Para Swimming announce two year partnership

Swans and World Para Swimming announce two year partnership

Swans and World Para Swimming have announced a two year partnership commencing the 1st September 2017. Under the deal, Swans will be the official approved supplier of World Para Swimming equipment, specifically Swans blackened goggles for visually impaired classes S/SB/SM 11 swimmers.
Visually impaired swimmers compete alongside those who are completely blind. To ensure competition is fair, swimmers are required to wear goggles which are completely blackened out, such that no light passes through the lens. To meet these regulations athletes often resort to DIY solutions such as applying electrical tape to the inside of the goggle, as blacked-out goggles cannot simply be bought off the shelf.
Swans new range of blackened goggles comply with the World Para Swimming rules and regulations and swimmers can wear them in competition without concerns about disqualification, or post race checks.

We are pleased to announce the partnership with Swans ahead of the World Para Swimming Championships in Mexico. The company has produced sports and swimming goggles for more than 70 years and we are delighted to see their engagement and commitment to develop Para swimming specific equipment,” says Ryan Montgomery, IPC Summer Sports Director.

We are honoured to enter the partnership agreement with IPC as an official supplier to World Para Swimming. We hope that our Swans blackened goggles can help visually impaired swimmers in classes S/SB/SM11 to improve their performance somehow and moreover we contribute to the further encouragement of Para sports,” says Naoyuki Yamamoto, Swans President & CEO.

For more information and enquiries regarding Swans blackened goggles for visually impaired swimmers please contact Swans UK on 01202 606116 or email