About us

SOS Sport Ltd, trading as SWANS UK, is the official distributor for Yamamoto Kogaku Co., Ltd (“SWANS”) in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

SWANS was established in Osaka in 1911 and made its first pair of goggles in 1945. SWANS’ first pair of anti-fog swimming goggles were sold in 1982, with prescription goggles following in 1986. SWANS released its first racing goggles, the SR-1, in 1996.

Since then, SWANS has continued to research and develop its goggles to provide the best quality swimming goggles on the market. Today SWANS’ goggles have a premium anti-fog coating and anti-scratch resistance lens. We sell goggles for training, racing, triathlon and open water; we also sell prescription goggles. All SWANS’ swimming goggles are made in Japan.