What is a Polarised lens?

Securing clear vision by cutting glare.

Polarised lenses deliver clearer visibility even under strong sunlight by restraining reflection of light from water and other surfaces. As a result, they are highly effective when swimming toward a target, in uses such as open-water swimming and triathlon.


What is Photochromic lens?

Photochromic lenses that change colour with UV rays.

Photochromic lenses change colour automatically in response to the volume of UV rays, so they can be used under a wide range of weather conditions, from cloudy to sunny. The lenses darken as UV rays increase and lighten as they decrease.









Mirror Insert Technology

Some of SWANS’ goggles have MIT (Mirror Insert Technology) which helps prevent damage to the goggle lens. Check out the video below to hear more.

What is a MIT lens?
The world’s first anti-scratch technology mirrored lenses.

Mirror Insert Technology (MIT) results in lenses with mirrored surfaces that will not scratch or peel, by sandwiching a mirrored layer between lens layers. Furthermore, since the mirrored surface is uniform, the entire field of view is clear and easy to view.

SWANS designs and manufactures all of its goggles at its factory in Osaka, Japan.  We take pride in our research and travel the world in order to produce high quality and high-performance goggles.  Today we continue to create, design and manufacture the world’s top goggles.